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Disability Support is an important project that helps people with disabilities to become economically self-reliant with their profession and to become part of the community. We have explored workplaces that hire people with disabilities, and we found that they can provide the necessary information and administrative/legal practices in a series of processes that support the disabled individual. At the same time, we identify companies that hire disabled people, and advise and assist the administrative procedures and practices required to hire and maintain employees with disabilities. 

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Jobs for artists with developmental disabilities

DDartists is a project of Give Chances that provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity for employment and talent development. DDartists hires, pays, and  provides educational opportunities for these individuals in a safe and caring environment.

DDartists produces products such as calendar, planner, and Christmas card, which includes the artworks of the artists with developmental disabilities. You can purchase DDartitsts Christmas card at amazon and other products through pre-order form. Other products will soon be available at amazon as well.