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About Give Chances

Give Chances, Inc, is a non-for-profit organization founded and registered in the State of New Jersey since 2011. It is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS. Our vision is to create and provide opportunities for learning and growth for children and youth who do not have access to quality education and timely care due to their limited financial resources. Give Chances offers quality learning programs and consulting in order to support children and youth in fulfilling their dreams and talents.

Since 2015, Give Chances changed its mission and target population to children of low-income communities in New Jersey. The first program was the Joyful Children’s Choir that provided low-income immigrant children with opportunities to sing songs and learn music theories. In 2016, Give Chances started an after school program for children from low-income immigrant families to improve their academic achievement and reduce the learning gap between the poor and rich children in Palisades Park. In 2017, Give Chances opened another after school program at Bergenfield, NJ.

What Does Give Chances Provide?

​​Joyful Learning Children Education 

A project to provide quality education programs to the children in the communities with limited economic sources and support them to achieve their potentials and discover their talents.

        Disability Service

The projects to help people with disabilities to acquire a job, to become involved as an independent member of society and to encourage and support employers to hire people with disabilities.

Youth Mentoring & Development 

The projects to support the vision and dream of the youth by providing programs for career development, college consulting, and mentoring  

Research & Training

For the continuous development of the organization, it is essential to develop, revise, and evaluate the programs and services, as well as monitor the employees and volunteers by providing through training programs.