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Youth Development

Our current youth programs aim to support the growth of our adolescent volunteers. In our Youth Programs, we hope to support both the individual growths as well as provide an environment to be able to cultivate the culture of sharing. 

What Do We Do?

Trampoline Project

: Travel the World, Meet People, and Explore Your  Potential

The Trampoline project aims to strengthen and encourage Korean youth to be healed and to develop new dreams by stepping into new perspective and making meaningful conversation during the vision trip. 



Cultural Exploration

Exploring political, economic, cultural, and educational sites such as universities, museums, capitol, white house, memorials, and parks

Mentoring Camp

Visiting companies and institutions in Manhattan and having meaningful conversations with various Korean mentors in different vocational professions

Interviewing various people on the streets of New York to have wider understanding of people’s occupations, job satisfaction, and career processes


Four teenagers from vulnerable families in South Korea 

Programs for Youth Volunteers

Youth programs for current volunteers would be provided to support their individual growth and in sharing in the society

  • Activities :

    •  College Consulting 

    •  Mentoring program for Youth Career Development


  • Participants :

 Adolescents that volunteer as a tutor at Joyful Learning After-school   programs are eligible for this program